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The beginning of lale devri 80 episode !!!!

after ahmet telling cinar they are married he tries to ask toprak !
cinar : is this true ?
ahmet : why would i lie my friend ! she is my wife ! you dont believe ???!!!
cinar : i asked you toprak ?! tell me . is it true ??
ahmet telling nermin : look he is still asking .
toprak : it is true cinar . i am married with ahmet .
ahmet : you heard what you wanted to hear . now leave here like a gentleman .(after closing the door )
ahmet : once yesim once cinar ! they didnt leave us alone!
nermin : its ok you have chased him . it is over . hadi .

They take yesim to police station because of her bad behave with the officers . necip calls cinar and asks him to come to the center police office . cinar leaves .

toprak and ahmet at home !
nermin : let me go and make tea .
ahmet : toprak i know they spoiled your moral in the evening but dont worry he has got his answer and he went and i dont think he will come to this place any more !!
toprak : good but i wish i could have told cinar my self that we are married .
ahmet : i told him cos i knew you are trying to keep him away , he could not leave you in peace besides Didn't you want to tell him ?
toprak : i was gonna tell him .ahmet : eee what would be the difference ? haaa you were going to tell or I ??!!toprak : good but it was better if i could have told him my self !!!
ahmet : sorry toprak i have crossed my limits ! (he goes)

toprak goes to see ahmet in the park .
toprak : ahmet , ahmet .
ahmet : toprak what are you doing here ?
toprak : i was worried about you
.ahmet : i just wanted to think with a calm head , i behaved impulsive .
toprak : i also spoke without thinking i didn't want to hurt you . i mean you were right . cinar would have eventually learn .
ahmet : that's true but i have made a mistake . i should have not be in between you too . you know it came over after erfan's event and i got annoyed . i am sorry .
toprak : its not important i am sorry .
 ahmet : the fresh air made me better ! lets walk !
toprak : ok .

Cinar and yesim conversation .

cinar : get in , get in !!
yesim : what is happening cinar ? why do you behave like this ?!
cinar : you still want to act like you dont know what is happening ?
yesim : what is that mean now cinar ?
cinar : it means you have reached to the end of the road . it means i have learned all the lies you told me . do you know where i was while you were under consideration . i was with toprak . instead of crying answer me . tell me something
yesim : i am sorry whatever i did i did it for us . i did it for the family . i did it for our kid . i did everything for us .
cinar : that's enough . i understood that part ok tell me why did you go to see toprak ? haaa ? toprak is not answering me and you continual telling me the same things .
yesim : its ok let me tell you why i went there ! because the night we got married toprak hanim came to our wedding to spoil our wedding and my mum had tried to send her by force . when i got to know i got so angry and i got confused ! didnt know what to do ! i went and i told her to leave us alone .
cinar : just nonsense . toprak doesn't have any problem with us she has already married with some one else .
yesim : what ? she is married with some one else ?
cinar : you have heard she is married ! in the wedding she came to to congratulate us besides i went once to toprak and i told her i am getting married with yesim ! if she wanted it to stop us she would have said dont do it but she didn't say anything apart wishing us a happiness .
yesim : i am sorry cinar but i couldn't know all this , i didn't want to disturb toprak .
cinar : its ok just tell me what did you do with the money ? dont tell me again the energy story because i have learned there is no such a place !!
yesim : i ...
cinar : you what ?
yesim : i gave it to my mum !
cinar : why ???
yesim : she had a gambling debts . i didn't tell you because i was ashamed and i gave the all money there !
cinar : oooo from when zumrut hanim is playing gamble ?
yesim : cinar if you want to believe or not this is the truth . everything is just coming to much on me if you now allow i want to go and see my kids .

nermin and ahmet conversation

n: now i'm thinking about this birth issue, private hospital is great but did you think how will you pass this , however this bakery has first to be good
a : i know that you will think about that, sister i will take a credit, and i will work hard, we will find a way, don't worry
n: .....
a:  it's my problem
n: look at me , this baby isn't yours, you can't take this decision alone, when and how the delivery will be toprak who decides and know, you believed so much this marriage game
a: sister , aren't we married in front of all the people? we are, didn't we said that i will be the father of this baby ? we said , from the first day we took toprak like a member of the family, now we will say: sorry we are playing a marriage game, but i don't see any game here, ahh if you are taking it easy! i don't know !!
n: i'm not saying that to bother you, my only only concern is to protect you
a:sister! from what? you will protect me, from a baby , from opening a credit
n:  i don't want you to be hurt from the truth, tomorrow when they found out that the baby is cinar baby, this man won't let that and he will chases that, cause we betrayed him he will take the baby, you and me , we will be so sad hhh you will see

zumrut and toprak conversation before the court

ahmet : i think you should immediately turn and go.
zumrut : its ok you are right to be anxious . i will just tell something short and i will go please .
toprak : yes please !
zumrut : thank you . i didn't come here to defend my daughter . believe me as a mother to say this its very difficult but my daughter is sick . when the issue comes to cinar yesim cant think healthy . cinar is an obsession for her it was like that since the beginning . just think she was jealous of her sister ! in lale and cinar wedding she turned crazy . she cant think normal like you and me ! i dont approve what yesim does and i never did ! i told her many time to leave you in peace but it was useless it didn't work and she continued in her own way . i understand you are right to ask for what wrongfulness she did to you but if you continue insisting in this my grandchild will die because yesim will never tell cinar just to not lose him you can be sure she will never tell him . remember what happened in your wedding ! she didn't care about her baby and she spoiled the wedding . but you aren't like this you wont let my grandchild to die specially when you know you are the only one who can help . please .

The last part

zumrut goes to thank toprak after court and after when she wanted to leave toprak calls her .
zumrut : yes please
toprak : tell yesim not to tell cinar !
zumrut : i didn't understand ?!
toprak : i have already talked to the doctor and i have given the necessary permission for the first process . you can find out the details from the doctor .
zumrut : thaaaaank you :)
toprak : only i have one request from you !
zumrut : whatever you want !
toprak : cinar should never know that i did the donation even you warn yesim . cinar should never know about this baby !!
zumrut : of course

 ( cinar after seeing toprak belly )

 cinar : so everything was for this !!
necip : what happened my son ?
cinar : you knew everything . you knew everything from beginning
yesim : i .... cinar what are you talking about
cinar : you knew toprak is pregnant that's why you went to her home that's why you were telling me those stupid lies
necip : what does this mean my son ?
zumrut : cinar wait for a minute . i will explain everything for you
cinar : leave me . I've had enough of your lies
zumrut : no i will not lie you . you are right . toprak is pregnant . this is not yesim's fault . i told her to hide it
cinar : why ?????
zumrut : because i didn't want your family to be destroyed . because your son needed you . when yesim got to know that toprak is pregnant she even accepted the risk of losing you . when she learned about toprak's pregnancy she knew by telling you she will lose you but she wanted to tell you but i didn't allow her
cinar : who are you to hide my child from me ??
zumrut : at first i wasn't also sure about her pregnancy . after i asked yesim to go and talk but toprak refused to talk and i suggested her to offer money and this time toprak got so annoyed and told us the truth
cinar : which truth ?
zumrut : unfortunately the baby is not from you .
cinar : its a lie . i dont believe . i am tired of all your lies . toprak . toprak wait for me .
ahmet : hey hey stop one minute !!
cinar : dont interfere . why did you lie to me ? why did you hide our baby from me ? you told me you have aborted the baby !! why did you lie to me toprak ? ha ? ( pointing to ahmet ) how about you ? ha ? you thought you were being a man ! how could you marry when you knew she is pregnant ! she is carrying my baby , my child ! how do you think you can hide someone else child ? ha ?
toprak : that's enough cinar
cinar : that's not enough ! no body can be the father of my child when i am a live !
!toprak : the baby is not yours ! its ahmet's baby !

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